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Updated 11-07-2021, Sunday

_Everyday when I logged in to Facebook, I see a lot of posts related foods and cooking by female users, several kinds of foods with new names. I found a facebook friend that following the same way to expand her cooking skills.


After creating a page women are also collecting orders to delever foods to your home. Cooking is a natural hobby of women, so I am writing this article by following this new way of living, may become useful to them.

To explain the subject my choice is Daphne Oz who started her page on Facebook like them in June 1 of 2011 as 'Daphne Oz'. Now she is a emmy Award winner American cook_book author, an actress and TV host.


Daphne is the former co-host of 'ABC's 'The Chew'(TV show with a 93% like rate by google users) and NY Times best selling author. And i's not that easy to be a source of inspiration to millions of people.


Daphne is the present WW Ambassador since 2020. She helps to establish Health Corps, which was regestered in 501(c)(3) non profit that equips teenagers with nutrition, exercise and stress management education in all over 50 schools nationswide.

Daphne is spending most of the times with her family in these Covid19 affected days. She is tapping into what she knows best to keep her family's palates intrigued as they continue to spend a lot of time at home together.


Daphne becomes an idle, first and foremost a girl's girl today, with a combination of infectious, warmth. Honest, confident, intelligent are some words, what make her successful as a best-selling cook_book author, popular TV personality and actress. Seems like the phrase, 'I don't know how she does it' created for someone like Oz.


When I was watching her cooking videos seemed like that a teacher is taking a practical class. She was presenting everything very gently, friendly, charmfully and off course in details so one can understand very easily, may be that's the key of her success.


The book is about establishing a healthy lifestyle that is not about deprivation, but is about maximizing the times someone have to enjoy and figure out ways to do so.


She released her first book in 2006, titled in 'Dorm Room Diet: The 10-Step Program for Creating a Healthy Lifestyle PLan That Really Works.

Oz named her latest book as 'The Happy Cook' with a 125 Recipes for Eating Every Day Like It's the Weekend, published in 2016 and available for $26.00. It's a collection of Oz's favorite quick and simple recipes. Daphne's another book 'Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style and Everyday Fun' released in 2013.


It is a guide of Lifestyle with 80 of her favorite recipes. The idea to write this book came from a couple conversations over wine with some of her best friends, when they were in that placeholder place in life, waiting for the right partner, home and job.


Daphne is very authentic both in personal and professional life. She believes Americans tend to view health as being black and white, but to her it's not like that, it's about making choices and allowing indulge.


Daphne hosted the TV show 'The Chew' with Mario Batali and Clinton Kelly. It is an American cooking-themed talk show that aired for seven seasons from September 26, 2011 to June 28 of 2018.


'The Chew' is inspired by ABC's 'The View' but is geared toward foodies and other lifestyle enthusiasts. The show celebrates and explores life though food with a dynamic panel of fun, relatable co-hosts. Oz also was a featured speaker at the Aspen Institute in 2009.

As Oz said, she is trying to live her life to the fullest and have fun along the way, seeking out a happy and healthy balance and then sharing the things that work for her in her books and on TV so that people following along can share in that success.


Daphne won the 'Daytime Emmy Awards' as 'Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host' for the show 'The Chew' in 2015. She also was nominated for same award in 2016 and 2017.


The way Oz deigns her programs proves her tidy up nature.

Daphne was born on February 17, 1986 in Pheladelphia, Pennsylvania in United States and was born to popular television doctor Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz. There was a situation on her birth time, she was born with umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and was given an Apgar score 2. Soon she get recovered and raised in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.


She studied at Dwight-Englewood school and completed her graduation in 'Near Eastern Studies' at Princeton University in 2008.


Oz get married to John Jovanovic on August 26, 2010 at the municipal Marriage Bureau in Manhattan.


The ceremony was followed by two religious ceremonies on August 28. First was held in the morning at Synaxis of Serbian Saints Church and the second one was held in the evening at the summer home of Daphne's maternal grand parents in Cumberland Foreside, Maine. The couple has four childrens.


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