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Medical Services Development in Bangladesh

06-02-2023 Monday 12:00 GMT+06:00


Squire Hospital, Bangladesh
Dewan Musa


_The development of medical services in Bangladesh is not very significant compared to neighboring countries. The path to implementation of government development initiatives in this sector is also complex. A notable issue among them is the number of doctors, nurses, medical technologists and specialists against the population.


For the development of the medical department, it is therefore necessary to increase public and private institutions, where necessary there will be provision of free education.


Hospitals and nursing homes, and even doctors' private chambers, are required to be mandated to have a quality assurance process at least once a month.


Bangladesh's history in medical services is not long at all. Due to various political ideologies and instability in post-independence Bangladesh, there is a lack of necessary cooperation and projects in the medical sector.

Bangladesh still does not have many disease detection or treatment systems, or if they do, they are very expensive, which can hardly be called a public service at all. And even if there is little public or private support for the treatment of these patients, it is negligible.


The development of the medical department needs to be taken seriously, because there is no substitute for physical and mental health to become a successful nation. There should be activities of some government or private organization to ensure cheap drugs, and various diagnostic tests, finally easy surgery or all these procedures for free. And all these institutions should also facilitate the way of receiving services, which can be recognized as public service in real sense.


On the other hand, it is also a big challenge to provide services for various minor and major diseases as well as complex diseases at an affordable price against the needs of the patients. The procedures for medical services in several quality private hospitals are extremely expensive, where if you don't have money, you won't even have time to request. Therefore, it is no longer a public service anyway, and the government should also focus on this issue.


Thinking about establishing more hospitals or medical service related institutions like clinics or diagnostic centers does not solve the issue, because it is important whether the common people can take these facilities. The tendency to make money as opposed to providing medical care should be strictly resisted.

Visiting various hospitals, media fear is very strong among them, as if journalists are constantly using hidden cameras to try to gather news about the activities of reputed private hospitals, which naturally raises questions about the image of a public service institution.


Besides, there is the issue of not getting the right treatment even after paying the right price, which includes wrong diagnostic test reports. This controversy is related to the quality of service provided by government hospitals, where the standard of care is also very cheap.





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