Gaza-Israel War 2023

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Gaza Israel War 2023

_The Gaza-Israel war began on Saturday, October 7, 2023. At 6:00 AM local time, the Muslim organization Hamas suddenly launched an attack on Israel. Hamas dubbed the attack the 'Al-Aqsa Flood', and Israel dubbed their operation 'Iron Sword'.


Followers of the Palestinian Islamic organization 'Islamic Jihad' also supported Hamas and participated in the war with them.


Reasons Behind The War


Hamas stated that the reason for this attack, which was launched on the fiftieth anniversary of the Arab-Israeli war, was to provide a suitable response and a permanent solution to the continuous and increasing Israeli aggression and oppression.


1st day


In the first day of fighting, Hamas fired about 7,000 rockets into Israeli territory, with both sides fighting in about 25 locations by evening. According to Israel's health department, more than 250 Israelis died and more than 1,500 were injured on this day, while the Palestinian health department reported that more than 230 Palestinians died and more than 1,600 were injured.


From the morning of the battle, Hamas fighters entered Israel by parachute, by sea and by land, bulldozing the border wall. At the time, they started attacking 7 cities by making Israel's surveillance system useless, they also took over the Sderot police station.


The Israeli government declared the incident a state of war and expressed its determination to win. Israel's defense minister called the attack by Hamas a grave mistake.

On this day of the war, Hamas fighters reportedly captured 57 Israeli civilians and soldiers. Israel's security minister declared a 48-hour state of emergency in the country.


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu advised Palestinians to flee Gaza within 24 hours and announced plans to attack every corner of Gaza. He also said that they will turn Palestine into a desert. Earlier, they destroyed several buildings, including the Palestinian Tower, with missiles, besides cutting off electricity supplies from their country. According to the amount of electricity production of Palestine, electricity can be supplied for 4 hours a day.


2nd day


On the second day of the war, when fighters of the Lebanese Islamic organization Hezbollah, in solidarity with Hamas, opened fire on Israeli military installations, Israel announced a military operation against them. Dead bodies can be seen strewn along the road to Israel, the heaviest attack in Hamas history. The Palestinians have said they will accept death if necessary, but will destroy Israel.


As of the morning of August 8, at least 300 Israelis were reported dead and over 1,800 injured, while at least 252 Palestinians were reported dead and over 1,600 injured.

Gaza Israel War 2023


However, since the morning, the Israeli forces began to retreat, which was initially considered a victory for Hamas or the Palestinians.

In Israel's north, Hezbollah fighters fired mortar shells at the Israeli army. After that, Israel launched a missile attack on the territory of Lebanon. Netanyahu said his country faced a long and difficult battle.


Since the morning, Hezbollah fighters have been firing projectiles targeting army positions in Israel's Shebaa area and several other areas. By noon, the frontal attack on Israel's southern edge intensified. According to an Israeli media report, the army has deployed dozens of tanks in southern Israel to control the situation. During this time, the death toll of Palestinians stood at 313 in total, while at least 2,000 were injured. On the other hand, at least 600 Israelis died, while more than 2000 were injured. Israel claimed 44 of the dead were members of the military.


Israeli illegal settlers near Gaza left the area by noon. Two Thai nationals were killed and eight others injured in clashes in Israel, top Thai officials said. The Bangkok Post quoted Prime Minister Sretha Thavisin and Foreign Minister Parnpri Bahiddha-Nukara as saying that 11 Thai nationals had been kidnapped since Saturday. A British national has also been reported missing.


Around noon, Israeli media reported that some Palestinian fighters had infiltrated the southern Israeli town of Magen, an area where heavy fighting is ongoing. At the same time, a fierce gun battle is going on in Skeleton City, besides, in both the countries, the process of rescuing the injured, dead or alive from various ruins was going on.


Abu Obedah, spokesman for the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian organization Hamas, issued a new statement calling on Muslims of all walks of life to join the fight.


The Israeli occupation army spokesman issued a message to the residents of Daraj area in Gaza to leave the area immediately. 'Operations conducted by Palestinian fighters force us to target residential areas,' the message said, 'We are not interested in harming you or your family. For your safety, leave your residence. We call on the residents of Al-Daraj neighborhood near Aziz Mosque to leave the area immediately.'


The Israeli military said its warplanes had struck three Hamas terror command centers in the Gaza Strip, in a video it released on social media X.


In a report published by the Wafa news agency, the Palestinian Authority said that Israel ordered the closure of the King Hussein (Allenby) Bridge crossing connecting Jordan and the occupied West Bank.


Around 3:00 p.m. 200 bodies found in an Israeli dance club in Kibbutz near Gaza, and at least 370 Palestinian died in total with 2,200 injured. Also, Hamas fighters fighting in southern Israel have received more weapons and changed their place.

By evening, the Israeli death toll was at least 659, and at least 2,156 wounded. The Palestinian death toll was 370, and 2,200 wounded.


Israel's Security Cabinet has officially declared a state of war, allowing the government to significantly increase military operations, according to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office. In this regard, the Prime Minister said, 'imposed on Israel by a murderous terrorist attack from Gaza.'


The Israeli government issued a statement to the United Nations calling Hamas a terrorist organization as always. On the one hand, they were calling the process of imprisoning ordinary Israelis as a war crime, while on the other hand, they were killing ordinary Palestinian families and destroying their homes one after another.


Some 123,538 Palestinians were displaced in Gaza by Israeli airstrikes and shelling targeting residential homes and apartment buildings, according to the UN's humanitarian aid agency. Many of the Palestinians who were forced to flee their homes took refuge in some 64 schools in the coastal enclave. Among the buildings destroyed in the Israeli attack were four large towers, which were multi-story residential units, with a total of 159 housing units destroyed and 1,210 severely damaged.


The United States announced the dispatch of warships and military equipment to the Mediterranean Sea to aid Israel. "Military aid on the way," Jo Biden assured Benjamin Netanyahu. Hundreds of people in the United States protested the announcement in front of the White House.


According to an Israeli military spokesman, Israel prepared 100,000 reserve troops near Gaza for the ongoing war with Hamas.


Three Palestinian human rights organizations, Al-Haq, Al-Mezan Centre for Human Rights and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, issued an open letter to members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) saying, "UN member states bear primary responsibility for the violence in Palestine through their inaction and complicity in Israel's systematic and widespread violations."


As of the morning of the 3rd, Israeli casualties were reported to be at least 700, and at least 2,243 wounded. The Palestinian death toll is at least 413, and at least 2,300 injured. The number of Israeli prisoners rose to 100, more than 30 others were held by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group.


3rd Day


The third day of the Gaza-Israel war plays an important role in world politics, because Israel is under a lot of pressure due to the desperate and intense attack of Hamas, and the people of the world are shaking. Public opinion between Hamas and Israel continues to grow stronger.


The number of Israeli soldiers killed in clashes with Hamas has risen to 73, after the Israeli army announced the names of 16 additional soldiers killed in the fighting. More than 100,000 Israeli troops have been preparing for a possible ground attack on the border since morning.


World React


US President Joe Biden expressed his full support for Israel in several statements, while Russian President Vladimir Putin invited Hamas leaders to the Kremlin.


According to state news agency IRNA, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi held a brief discussion on the current situation with the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. During this time, the Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement, Ziad Al-Nakhlah, and the head of the (Hamas) Political Bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, discussed the development of Palestine separately, but no details were found in this regard.


French President Emmanuel Macho issued a statement condemning the Hamas attack and expressed his support for the country.


Gaza Israel War 2023

President Joe Biden continues to reach out to the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey for the necessary talks to resolve the issue. Realizing the horrors of this war, the European Union expressed its concern, and it also issued a statement condemning the attack by Hamas.


An Egyptian police officer shot and killed two Israelis in Alexandria while they were visiting Pompey's Pillar or Amud El Sawary. An Egyptian, who was with them as their guide, was also killed.


According to Iran's foreign minister, fighters from Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah are more fanatical than Israel on the battlefield. The United Nations called on both sides to exercise restraint and refrain from devastation.


Thousands march in support of Hamas in Yemen, Istanbul and Kuwait. Desperation and anxiety have been seen among people on the streets of Egypt's capital, fearing further violence.

Gaza Israel War 2023


On Sunday afternoon, the 15 members of the UNSC sat in emergency consultation in New York, but failed to achieve the unanimity needed for a joint statement.

The United States, with the help of Arab leaders, continues to seek the release of Israeli prisoners.


US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke by telephone with Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud and UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. According to his spokesman's statement, the top US diplomat "reaffirmed Israel's right to self-defense" and urged the UAE and Saudi Arabia to play a role in resolving the issue.


Francesca Albanese, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Palestine, said she was appalled by what was happening in Israel and Gaza. Several Asian airlines canceled their flights to Israel citing security concerns.


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