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Police Academy star Marion Ramsey is no more

08-01-2021, Thrusday
Police Academy star Marion Ramsey is no more

Marion Ramsey, who was best know for her role as the soft-spoken Officer Laverne Hooks in the American film series 'Police Academy', has died Thursday in Los Angeles at her age of 73. According to a statement to CNN from manager Roger Paul. Her management at Roger Paul Inc told the media that she died at her Los Angeles home on Thursday morning but no cause of death was given but she had recently fallen ill.

Ramsey was adored by fans for her portrayal of the squeaky-voiced Officer Laverne Hooks in Police Academy. She also had an illustrious career on Broadway, starring in the 1978 production Eubie!, a biographical musical about celebrated jazz pianist Eubie Blake.

Marion was born on May 10 of 1947 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania of United States. She started her career in theatre, appearing in both the original Broadway and subsequent touring productions of 'Hello, Dolly!'. She also acted in 'Beverly Hills', '90210', 'Keep On Truckin', 'MacGyver', 'Cos', 'Modern Family' and many more.


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