Religion and Religious Peoples Seems Like The Two Poles on Earth

07-03-2021, Sunday

Did you ever try to know about the religion you are following? You are believing in a Religion, you first knew it from your family, then neighbors, teachers and others. You learn that there is something named 'The Almighty' who gave you your life to live and to pray, and also showed what will be better.


Theoretically Religion is a process that Human beings follows, regarded as consisting of the way people deal with ultimate concerns about their lives and fate. Believers participate in and are often enjoined to perform devotional or contemplative practices such as prayer, meditation or particular rituals.

As we found in the Holy Religious Books, The Almighty has created everything we see or not, includes Human being a long time before. Adam was the first and only man created by The Almighty Himself, then Eve and then others.


Eve was created by a part of the backbone of Adam. Today's science discovered that, sperm, what is the primary source of a life, for the cases of Human, it originates between the Backbone and Ribs.


Isn't it a strange thing that someone knows he/she will be punished at the day of judgement if he/she does a sin, but doing so?

The reason to create Humans' is to pray, besides He gave Humans' some extra ordinary facilities like emotion, feelings, and the most exclusive is the ability to think, decide and creat. Adam and Eve lived in Heaven first, but after doing a fault, The almighty send them to earth to get recover themselves. He also taught them how to live in earth and what to do, what not to do.


Think about the moment when Adam and Eve were reached on this world, no home, no electricity, no cars, two afraid humans were walking across the land without any shoes and clothes.

Religion is to belive on facts after life, we were illiterate, knew nothing of The Almighty and how we reached on this earth. To make us conscious He started sending Messengers, they started teaching us about the importance of life. The Messengers were none but some of us, because Human being has the nature by born to accept only a Human without any doubt. The Almighty said that He has sent the messengers to us to teach us how to act so that we colud not say , we did not know it.


Everything is scientific, there is nothing without logic happens to you. You had to struggle for everything you have. You have to work for your food and shelter, nothing comes from sky and will never. In this matter The Almighty Said that You will be responsible for everything come to you. For example, you are waiting to give an interview for a job, only one post available. Now you are praying to The Almighty to help you to get the job. On the other hand someone just like you praying for the same job sitting beside you, what do you expect from The Almighty now, both of you are same to Him. That's why The Alimighty left you as an independent creature, you can make a choice and can try your best for the job, if you really need it.


I saw peoples were praying for help to The Almighty for their sufferings. You pray for a beautiful life, a suitable job, peacefull shelter and also believe that He will never let you alone. You ask for forgivness, what you cause to others, but you forget that you are here to recover yourself for other sin. How could you expect another forgive where you are doing more and big sins!

That's why The Almighty asked us about what is making us to confirm that we will be forgiven.


You may say that Adam is responsible for whatever happened, how fool you are! Adam and Eve just ate something like a fruit that The Almighty mentioned not to do, and get punished by sending to earth, and what are you doing? lying, steeling, frauding, killng, and you think that He will forgive you?


The Almighty has created us with the abilities He has and is giving us the honor we expect from others, so that we can understand how much He care for us. By gifting us unlimited ways to have fun He also make us confirm about doing prayers. It is proven many times before that every rules given by The Almighty is best for us from every angle. So, you should not believe on the words come from different ways, you should belive on only what your Creator said.


You look for the reasons whatever happen around you, you believe that nothing can not be done without logic, then why don't you look for the reason of your living?


At the end I want to remind you that I used the word 'The Almighty' instead of calling by any name and also did not use the names of the Holy Religious Books, it's just because readers could identify me as a follower of any kind of Religion. I did not want it, I want everyone under the same shade, all they believe there is one who created them and he is their Lord. If you can tollarate an European or African just because he/she is a human too, why you could not accept a Christian, a Muslim or some other? He is a Human too and has been created by the same Almighty. I don't want to use the word 'Almighty' further more, I want to call him by a name given by everyone on earth, what will be that?

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